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Vodacom Enhance Campaign

Concept creation and creative art direction


Existing & potential clients are unaware of the extensive services and additional products available to them within the Vodacom offering. 

The Ask:

Vodacom would like to create customer awareness of the benefit of consolidating their connectivity with Vodacom, particularly amongst their mid-upper LSM markets.  Therefore offer their consumers more value through bundling all of their offering into one with a resultant proposition that drives the “ENHANCE” value offering and entices them to take up more services, ENHANCE’ their contracts and find a creative way to position and communicate the basket of offerings to customers within the ENHANCE umbrella.

The Context:

Vodacom ENHANCE offerings range includes add-on devices such as watches and ear buds, smart tech for the home, such as gaming consoles and appliances, as well as services of device insurance and more.


With such a broad offering, the campaign to create customer awareness had to promote the reason one should add-on and ‘ENHANCE’ their contract with the secondary communication being what offerings were available.

The Development:

In the brainstorming phase while investigating why a consumer would choose to ENHANCE, we started looking into the below and what happens when we choose to add-on to the things we love, make them better and improve on them. 


Essentially when we get that little bit of value, that cherry on top, that something we either forgot we had or are happy we now have. We feel stoked, relieved and excited when we realise we have something that’s better and improved. That “agh nice,” or “Ha! This is great!” moment. When we’ve upgraded our lives.


We discovered its about getting that bit of extra value and the joy it brings us.


...And when we’re happy, we express our feelings of joy. We tell people about it, laugh about it, smile from ear-to-ear. We say “Yessss”, “Woo-hoo” and “Ha-haaa”


The Creative Solution:

We wanted to showcase that joy visually. Bring it to the forefront and have it resonate with the viewers. We did this using typography and expressive imagery. This became the hero, selling that joy and happiness that is associated with 'Enhancing' rather than the product itself.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 11.09.01.png

Roll Out:

The creative campaign would feature multiple pieces from normal awareness messaging to the educational aspects of 'What is Enhance' and 'Why Enhance'. This was covered on various platforms from traditional print media and out-of-home elements, to the digital and social space, as well as in-store.

instore 1.png
instore 2.png

We then Enhanced the Idea

Stairs to give you THAT feeling and ENHANCE your day


The stairs fitted with pressure plates would release sounds when stepped on.  (Sample of the stairs reference idea: Volkswagen The Fun Theory)


These stairs could be utilised in:

1: A Gym. It’s a high-energy area with lots of foot traffic and already quite loud. It’ll add extra energy and joy to the space.

2: Sports stadium. Again, a high-energy area filled with excitement, and this would hype the fans up even more, adding to the atmosphere. While also building on the Vodacom Sponsorship portfolio of local teams Kaiser Chiefs and Pirates.


Gym Activation


We would place a digital screen with Vodacom messaging and a sound level meter. For a chance to win daily giveaways, people would give us their coolest, loudest expression of joy and we would keep a leaderboard until we have a winner at the end of the day. This leaderboard would remain for the week and at the end of the week, the top scorer would win a wearable with OneNumber (eSIM capability) perfect for gyming.

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