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Vodacom Black Friday Campaign

Creative concept, graphic design and identity

Black Friday is one of Vodacom South Africa's largest and best-performing campaigns year on year. Each year requires a unique identity to differentiate the campaign from the rest of the brand collateral. The brief was to create a lock up and identity that would work well across all mediums from social platforms, to traditional print elements, large scale out-of-home media as well as in-store retail focused layouts.

The solution: 

Black Friday Neon Graphic
Black Friday Neon Graphic Close up
Black Friday Neon Graphic Close up
Black Friday Neon Graphic Close up

A mandatory part of the design is that it had to include the Vodacom Red. The solution was to create a black background with a neon graphic lock-up device to hero the campaign visuals. 

Mood board

As lead designer on this campaign, I worked closely with the 3D modelling team and animators to bring the vision to life. Working together from our mood board of inspiration, to produce the wireframe and then the final graphic visual.

Black Friday Wireframe
Black Friday Wireframe

The graphic lock up was the hero key visual for the campaign and was used across multiple elements of above-the-line and below-the-line advertising collateral. It was also animated for use on TVCs and digital elements.

Using the above animation we put together the storyboard for TVCs. There was a TVC running for every week of November. Each TVC used different iterations of the fly-through animation of the graphic lock-up. 

TVC storyboard
TVC Storyboard

The Black Friday campaign consisted of multiple elements that ran for the month of November. Each week new offers were added or adjusted. The overall collateral consisted of traditional print media like posters, window decals, sensormatics, billboards etc. As well as digital media and social media campaigns that consisted of stories, ad forms, interstitial banners etc.

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