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Vodacom Easter Campaign

Creative concept, graphic design and identity

Vodacom required an Easter holiday theme. Something simple but effective that felt celebratory but didn't show any religious imagery.

The solution: Use a 3D bunny and eggs that felt fun and playful but not to be confused as too child-like. The Vodacom red colour was used to maintain the brand recognition. Incorporated into the design is the graphic brand element, further creating the association that this is the Vodacom brand celebrating Easter.

Easter graphic lock-up

Within the brand space, there are multiple elements that required this theme be applied to them. So the solution had to provide options for the roll-out to look cohesive without using the full graphic on each piece. 


To do this, the 3D bunny graphic was deconstructed and used within the headline as a graphic messaging component. This allowed for a large-scale roll-out across social platforms, in-store digital and print elements, as well as on traditional TV and print collateral.

Easter Vodacom store front
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