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MTN Mobile Money

Launch Proposal

About MTN MoMo:

Mobile network provider MTN was launching a new platform to transfer money between their users called MoMo (Mobile Money). Transfers could occur over the mobile banking application, via USSD codes and/or SMS messaging. This made it unique to what was in the existing market and filled a need in the lower LSM markets that are unable to afford smart phones.

The Brief and Solution:

MTN required a launch campaign to introduce the innovation to the market. This campaign needed to target the mid to upper LSM groups (people in cities sending money to family in rural areas) as well as the lower LSM market (rural South Africa). It needed to show how MTN MoMo could be used anywhere from the city to the rural areas, as well as by anyone.

The solution was to show the ripple effect of a single transaction. Who it is sent by, who it is received by and for what purpose. This would create a sense of trust that MTN will ensure your money gets to where it needs to be. While also showing that the brand understands their users and truly care about their lives.

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