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Human[e] Wine Label

Packaging Design

I had the pleasure of working with Rasa Vineyards, Washington, to create a unique label for their Estate Syrah. Rasa Vineyards is known for producing ultra-premium, terroir-specific wines. From the overall proceeds of the sales of this batch of wine, 90% of it was donated to charity. (Results at the bottom of the page). The label design was my contribution to this and the creative had to capture the charitable essence.

I started with the name: Human[e] - and something that represents all humans is our fingerprint. Take a closer look at a fingerprint and you’ll see the resemblance to the contour lines of a map representing the land that joins us and how we’re all connected. Just like the lines on our fingerprints or the lines on a map representing our earth, we have an impact on each other. The ripple effect of buying this wine directly effects charities and those in need through donation of the proceeds. The design showcases these elements; a human fingerprint, contour lines and the ripple effect.


Overall our actions effect others lives. I took that inspiration and visually showcased it to represent how purchasing the wine will directly impact other people via the donation of the proceeds. Thus truly encapsulating the wine and it's unique impact.

As is evident in the Rasa Vineyars newsletter below - Following the release of the wine on 1 December, it was concluded that within a month (22 December), $36500 was raised and donated to charities for Alzheimer's research, food banks and assistance for domestic violence survivors.

This was an incredibly rewarding project to be a part of and I'm proud to have assisted with bettering someones life and providing the design that would raise the money to empower the chosen charities 

Rasa vineyards .png
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